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Welcome to Liz Cox's Homepage

A little about me....

I was born 24th July 1980 along with my twin brother James who is currently serving in the Australian Defence Force as a Combat Systems Operator in the Navy, I have 2 other brothers Matthew (25), Adam (22) and My Mum and Dad whose names are Brian and Maureen.

I was brought up in a Christian home with Christian beliefs morals and ideas yet it wasn't until I made a decision to follow Christ for myself that anything made sense or was even relevant to me at the time.

My Mum and Dad were full on Christians they even started the Christian School where I did all of my schooling. As I said I still did not in any way have a relationship with God until I was ready to make the decision for myself. I made that decision in 1994 when I was ready to be baptised and confess my faith to my friends and family and even after then I was not 100% committed to allowing Jesus to take full reign and control of my life.

I went through school involving myself in many relationships I shouldn't have and doing activities that where unhelpful to my personal and spiritual growth but I still experimented. It wasn't until about 1997/1998 when I had left school that God really showed himself to me in more powerful and real ways but at the same time I still felt somewhat dissatisfied with life even though I had many friends and a loving supportive family.

I can honestly say that until I decided to follow Jesus with ALL of my heart and made a conscious decision to make that a priority in my life. I really did not have any purpose or will to live as nothing made sense and I really was purposeless. I live everyday now as if it is my last.

I love Jesus with all of my heart and even though in the past I haven't always been an angel by any means. My priority is to serve Jesus and to serve others. I love everyday even though some days are a struggle and are less than satisfying but it is knowing that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever that as a Christian you can learn to live triumphantly. A good friend once said to me "It's not your daily circumstances or feelings that lead to believe that you are victorious or have a victorious life it is in knowing that Jesus is truimphant he conquered over death and hell and even though we have good and bad days that fact and that truth will always remain. Jesus is the Victor and we ARE victorious if we believe in Him.

In my life I have had some awesome friends who God has given me to help me support me and encourage me to be who God designed me to be. I am grateful to God that he never lets us for a second out of his sight and he supplies all that we need if we only ask him. Although my life hasn't been that hard compared to lots of other people I know, I have grown up in Christian Home I had a Christian Education, brought up in Church, I am reminded that all those things are great but it is only through knowing Jesus and having an intimate relationship with him that any of these things matter. My desire and my prayer is to know Christ and to make him known. He has changed my life and continues to as I yield myself to him.


As a kid I thought a lot about Hero’s and why people had them. I finally came to the conclusion that if they are people of great positive significance, people who encourage you to do the right thing in the eyes of Jesus, then that was good, but, I also came to the conclusion that a Hero had to be someone who was appreciated not idolised.

I have always thought as “Winnie The Pooh” as a character I really admire, I love his simplistic way of thinking and communicating and have always seemed to latch onto who he was and his whole character in the stories of “Winnie The Pooh”. I love the way he was and is portrayed as being quite a vague bear yet somewhat, friendly, deep, analytical and sensitive at the same time. I can really relate to him. Is that what draws us to have Hero’s? Characteristics we see in ourselves or want to have or be?

It is true one person may have many hero’s in their lifetime. I know I have had a few. I know growing up. My Dad was my hero. Despite the fact that he was a busy man with his work and his many commitments he always some how was able to communicate to his family, even when he wasn’t around, that he adored us all and wanted the best for us. That quality I always wanted to share with him and I still strive to communicate the same message to those I love.

My greatest Hero in life is Jesus Christ. He gave his all for me when he chose to give his life and surrender his own will despite how tired and weary he was. He made a conscious decision to die for all mankind despite how he felt on the day he was to be persecuted and finally nailed to that cross. His heroic act has caused me to change my way of thinking and acting and spurs me on towards helping others to achieve their best despite how negative they may feel. Jesus isn’t like the earthly hero’s we have doing maybe one or two major heroic things in their lives. He constantly does great things in our life if we allow him. He is a hero worth knowing and mimicking. I strive daily to follow in my hero’s footsteps as I have seen the powerful ways in which his awesome acts have changed others and myself.

Hi and welcome to my page! My desire is that you would come to know Jesus Christ in a personal and real way and that by reading my page you would be inspired to go deeper with Jesus and be encouraged by his faithfulness and goodness to me and those who have assisted me in my life journey.I pray you would be challenged and convicted to live for Christ in new ways of obedience and surrender.

Broward Correctional Institution
Pembroke Pines, FL
(Originally printed in the January/February 1992 issue of "The Good News Letter")
I was raised in a lower class environment as a child and given the standard education in Christianity. Even though I understood on an intellectual level, I never truly understood or felt in my heart a true relationship with God. At a very early age I was introduced to the gangster mentality, and so began my personal little crime spree. It lasted almost 20 years. During those years I was involved with everything from prostitution to extortion, from armed bank robbery to international smuggling. It was all quite grand and glamorous, the Devil's work always is in the beginning. It never can last because Satan is ugly as is all he puts his hand to, and I had become a part of that ugliness. The last two years of my spree were spent on street corners trying to sell the only thing I had left. But most times using a gun because what I had left wasn't worth paying for. I suffered from severe drug addiction, "gangsteritis," but most of all complete spiritual and moral bankruptcy. I had hit bottom. I really don't want to get into the things I saw or did or what was going on out there. Trust me when I tell you it was beyond the most horrid of nightmares. What I do want to tell you about is the night God touched me and I awoke from the horror of what was my life.

I had gone to the dope house to collect money and drugs. When I walked into the back room, I saw a very young girl being used by three men. In payment they were throwing little pieces of crack cocaine onto the floor. I stood watching as she crawled around naked on the floor, shaking and crying, searching for the drugs. I was sickened, disgusted, and seething with internal rage. I felt the gun in my hand without even realizing I had taken it from my pants. To this day I believe the only thing that saved me from committing murder that night was God, and that I couldn't decide who should die, her, them or me. I began to walk. I didn't know where I was going. I didn't care. I was lost. I remember sitting down on the curb and thinking, "Some work of art you are, a gun in your jeans, a pocket full of dope, cash in your sock, and so sick and miserable death would be a blessing. Maybe it was me who should die." It was at that moment I surrendered and my darkness became light, so bright, so complete. The light of God filled me with warmth, love and peace, and I heard a voice that has no words but speaks directly to your heart. It called to me over and over again, "Have you had enough? Are your ready?"
I sat for a long time, though it seemed only a moment. I've come to realize God is timeless and when you're in His company He eases the burden of time, a definite bonus in prison. So finally I picked myself up from the curb, totally confused because I knew beyond a doubt what kind of person I was and God doesn't visit "BAD" people, does He? About this time a friend pulled his car up next to me and called my name. I got in the car and he asked did I want to go home. I told him where I lived was never a home. He took me to his house. No sooner was I through the door before I was smoking dope. But the funny thing is I couldn't get high; no escape! I really didn't understand until my friend walked into the room. He looked at me, shook his head and said, "Oh Julie haven't you had enough? Aren't you ready? God's waiting you know, and there's no moment so dark that he can't make light." At first I thought, "This guy must have seen what happened on that curb." But he hadn't. In that moment I knew with all clarity that this friend, who I had never known was a Christian, did not happen along by accident and that what he said was the repeating of a divine message sent just for me alone. I knew no matter who or what I was, God loves me. I knew He was reaching for me because my pain and shame were so great I couldn't reach for Him.
I took hold of the Lord's hand and now where He heads I follow. In the beginning it was a very hard path. I had over a dozen felony warrants for my arrest, but in His love I need have no fear. Our first walk was to BCI, Florida State's Max. Security Prison. Often I've cried, but as time goes by, the way gets easier and the scenery more and more beautiful as I learn to see the world through the eyes of Jesus. I still reside in BCI and I'm all right with that because I'm never alone and I'm still walking with the Lord.

U. S. Penitentiary
Lompoc, CA
(Originally printed in the July/August 1991 issue of "The Good News Letter")

In my first thirty six years of my old life, I was living in Satan's world. I was doing all the sins man can think of. When I was about three years old my father and mother got divorced and the words of hate, bitterness, and lonely were in my heart. By the time I was eleven years old, the hate and bitterness grew to everyone who loved me. My father and step-mother had me locked away, because I would not do what they told me to do. I was placed in a boys home. But I learned what crime was all about. At age twelve I was raped by the older boys in the home. Every night I was there I was getting raped and no one cared about what happened to me. I never cried out for help. In my mind there was no help for me. By the time I was seventeen I had run away from home about twenty times. My father's step-brother raped me when I was living with my grandmother when I was fifteen years old and he was seventeen. I stayed with my grandmother until I went into the army when I was seventeen.
I was looking for a new life in the army, but I came to watch my friends being raped one after another in the United States Army! These were teenagers, of seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty years old. It started to get me sick of the army. I went AWOL three times to get away. The army kicked me out because I wouldn't do what they told me to do. Everywhere I went, city after city, I saw teenagers being raped for money, drugs, and sometimes a place to live for sex. I lived in many states by the time I was twenty-one years old. I lived on the streets in their cities, eating when I could find the food, or asking for money to get the food I needed. When it was getting cold in Seattle, I would move myself and go to San Francisco, where it is warmer.
I got married when I was twenty years old. My wife and I had two children but she started seeing someone else, and I divorced her when I was in prison. I have been in and out of prisons in Washington, Oregon and California for fourteen years now. This prison where I am now is my fifth prison. I tried to kill myself in a state prison in Washington, but that was what Satan wanted me to do. The state sent me to a state hospital to get some help for my problems, but I was sent to prison for taking and riding a motor vehicle without permission of the owner. I was given five years probation. That was my first crime in 1976. But this probation was revoked and I was sent to prison for five years in 1978.

When I was on probation in Washington, I was in Oregon doing burglary 2nd degree, and sent to prison for eighteen months in Oregon. Then I got out of prison in 1982 and went to San Francisco to live and to stay away from Washington. Well, in this city I was given three years probation and one year in jail for robbery 2nd degree. After I got out this time, Washington wanted me. I went back to prison and was released in 1985. Then I was sent back to prison six months later for malicious mischief for five more years. I was paroled in March 1986 and my parole was revoked because I moved out of the state without permission. I was paroled again and my file was closed June 6, 1986. I was free to go where I wanted to go. I didn't do any more crimes until August 2, 1989 when I was charged for malicious arson. I was sentenced to forty-one months in prison. I will be released in January 1993. I pray to stay out of prison. Please pray for me.
I am a wanted man by the Federal Officers in the Seattle area, for the crime of arson. I ran away from my problems in October 1989 and went to San Francisco. There I got a job at a hotel where they gave me room and board. And on October 17, 1989 at 5:04 P.M. we had a big earthquake. I was afraid I was going to die. I started thinking about my crime in Seattle, about my family, and my crime against God the Father and His Son Jesus. So this earthquake was God's way of telling me to get right before it was too late. I went to church and sat there feeling sorry for myself. I was so lonely it hurt my heart. I wanted to go back home and face what I did wrong. Then the Federal Officers arrested me and sent me back to Seattle.
When I was in Tacoma County Jail I went to church and gave my life over to Jesus Christ my Lord. That was in January 1990. And I came to Lompoc Federal Prison on May 24, 1990. I've been going to church every day. I am the chaplain's clerk here. I praise the Lord for His love and the kind words He put in my heart. But when the earthquake happened, that made me do some thinking about God and Jesus. And if it was not for this Earthquake, I would still be running from this crime and my past sins and problems.
Jesus loved me so much that He opened my heart and mind. I found love and peace in my prison cell. God is watching me every day in here. I don't know what is in the future for me, but praise the Lord, now I know who holds the future and I can safely trust my all to the Lord Jesus Christ. Although I am locked up in a cell, Spiritually I am free. Jesus set me free in this prison, for "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed" (John 8:36).
I hope this testimony will help someone in prison or on the streets of our cities. My heart cries out to all children and teenagers in our world. I pray that the Lord will watch over them so they will never have to see the prison bars like I have all these years. God bless you all at Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. God is watching you all.

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A Picture of Me!!!!
I was very challenged by this prayer and I pray you are also

"Heavenly Father,

we come before You today to ask forgiveness and to seek Your direction and guidance. We know your word says, 'Woe to them who call evil good, but that is exactly what we have done.' We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We confess that; We have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your word and called it pluralism;

We have worshipped other gods and called it multiculturalism;

We have endorsed perversion and called it alternative lifestyle;

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery;

We have have rewarded laziness and called it welfare;

We have killed our unborn and called it choice;

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable;

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self- esteem;

We have abused power and called it politics;

We have coveted our neighbours possessions and called it ambition;

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression;

We have ridiculed the time-honoured values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and set us free, guide and bless these men and women who have been sent to direct us to the centre of Your will.

We ask this in the name of Your Son, the loving Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen."

Written by Jim Cooper

You call mail me on coxliz@hotmail.com